Caister peahen discovers love for limelight

THE wandering peahen of Caister is at it again, and she is getting more brazen than ever.

Dubbed Azi by admiring neighbours more used to sparrows and blackbirds, the 3ft creature is now taking regular day time ambles around its latest nesting site.

Electrician Kevin Dobson, 47, lives near to her nest and said that he first came face-to-face with her four weeks ago.

“I had heard about her in the Mercury but didn’t think much of it. Then, when I was in my house I heard a strange noise-like a goose, but deeper- and there she was in the front garden looking at me through the window.”

Azi was first mentioned in The Mercury in August after taking temporary residency at the Middletons back garden, but has since the moved on and become a local celebrity.

She is believed to have fled her carers Brenda and Tony Ingham in Potter Heigham after receiving a scare.

But after one failed attempt to catch her they have decided that a bird in the hand was not worth two in the bush, and have left her to her own devices for the time being.

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According to Kevin, she is growing accustomed to her newfound fame: “when I first saw her she would only come out at daybreak from her nest up a tree, but now you see her coming out at lunchtime too.

“Before, I tried to get a picture of her and she ran quickly away, but on Saturday I was just across the street and I managed to get very close for a shot.”

However, though most locals are happy to see Azi, Kevin’s wife is not: “Joanne is petrified of her, and won’t come out the house when she’s around.”