Caister peahen re-emerges after winter

IT survived the plunging temperatures of winter and has come back stronger than ever- Caister’s elusive peahen has been spotted once again.

Last reported in the autumn to have evaded recapture by the Potter Heigham owners from which it escaped, the bird nicknamed Azi by some and Penelope by others has taken up residence in a new part of the village.

Kath Hughes is the latest to encounter the 3ft tall creature, and described how her husband Glyn made the first sighting last week through his office window at their home. Since then, they have found themselves with a near-constant daytime companion.

“She practically eats out of my husband’s hand now, ” the mother of two said,“ she’s very friendly, and loves bananas, sulatanas and oats.”

And when the squatter is not staring down the local cat, she keeps an eye on the best-looking bird in town.

“She sits and looks at herself in the glass all day on our patio and is very lazy,” she added.

Brenda Ingham had made an effort with her husband Tony to rescue the animal that fled her Potter Heigham home in confusion last summer, and was delighted to hear of the three-year-old’s whereabouts.

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“After we couldn’t catch her before we left a great big net, cat carrier and peanuts in case anyone managed, but the people who had seen her before seem to have moved on.”

The peahen was one of eight the couple currently keep at their home.

“I was only talking to someone about it a day ago, and it’s nice to know she is fine. We’ve had a tough winter healthwise but this is a wonderful way to see in the summer.”