Call for end to Yarmouth flood nightmare

ANGRY residents are calling for action to be taken to end a flooding problem blighting their Great Yarmouth homes.

Rain once again caused drains to overflow with foul smelling sewerage water at the houses on Cradock Avenue this week.

Wet weather on Monday and Tuesday left several inches of effluent covering the gardens of the three worst affected properties.

Tenants in the borough council owned houses say they were desperate for a solution to the problem which had gone on for decades.

The downpour on Monday night left Dawn Lethbridge without use of the sink, toilet and washing machine and bathroom floor flooded.

Full time mum Dawn, 41, shares her home with children three-year- old Ella, four-year-old Zack, Nathan, 13, and Aston, 14. She said: “This has been a problem since we moved here seven years ago. A little bit of rain and the kitchen drain backs up leaving the garden full of sewage.

“There was no toilet or washing facilities when the kids were getting up for school. If you try to use the sink it just fills up with drainage water.

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“The garden floods about 80pc of the time when it rains. I am scared to leave the house whenever the weather is bad.

“The council send workmen round to unblock the drains, but nothing is done to solve the problem. Anglian Water has been out loads of times too and not got it sorted.

“If this keeps happening I will have to look at finding a temporary home until it is sorted, but it shouldn’t be necessary to move out of the house to get this rectified.”

Neighbour Vivienne O’Neill says she has had to endure the flooding at her home since moving into the property more than 30 years a go.

In the worst case in 2006, Vivienne, 70, had to discard furniture and carpets after sewerage water seeped into the terrace house.

She said: “This week the flood water came within an inch or my door – any more rain and it would have got in.

“It is getting beyond a joke – it was covering about 18ft of the back garden. The problem is getting worse and everyone keeps passing the buck.”

Borough council director of community housing Denis Gilbert said: “I know there has been an issue with drainage at these properties in recent times.

“An area of piping belongs to the council which leads into the main system owned by Anglian Water.

“Our contractors discovered the problem lay within the Anglian Water drain run and took action to resolve it.”