Call to enjoy water at Cantley staithe

YOUTH groups interested in water sports are being encouraged to make more use of a state of the art facility in Cantley – free of charge.

The �310,000 Cantley Staithe was opened last summer as the result of the efforts of the local community and financial support from a wide range of organisations, including Broadland District Council.

The project includes a launch slipway which can be used, free, by anyone, and pontoon access specially designed for wheelchair users. The staithe is the only place on the north side of the Yare River which has this facility and allows wheelchair users to board a boat – regardless of the height of the river.

“The river is very wide and open at this point and you can get a long way in each direction,” said Peter Glanville, Secretary of the Cantley Staithe Charitable Association. “It would be a great place to hold a youth regatta. More and more people are using the staithe but not as many young people as we’d like. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the river without the usual fees for launching boats and canoes.”

The Cantley Staithe Association is also trying to raise funds for a programme promoting river safety among young people.

The staithe was supported by two landfill communities fund schemes, Biffaward and WREN, as well as Broadland District Council, the Broads Authority, the Inland Waterways Association, Cantley Parish Council, and the Environment Agency Fisheries with help in kind from British Sugar.

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