Calls for road markings after child involved in car accident

The junction of Empress Road and Austin Road, Cobholm. Picture: Google Maps

The junction of Empress Road and Austin Road, Cobholm. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

Residents are campaigning for improvements to road markings on a street after a crash involving two cars.

Angela Williams, who lives in Austin Road, set up a petition demanding a better junction between her street and Empress Road in Cobholm, which currently has no road markings.

In the online petition she wrote: “People driving down Empress Road don’t stop and look before driving into Austin Road. I personally have nearly been in an accident due to people not stopping and looking when approaching Austin Road.”

She was spurred into starting a campaign after an crash last weekend which resulted in a child needing hospital treatment.

County councillor for Southtown and Cobholm, Rex Parkinson-Hare, said he would visit the crash site to see the situation for himself and see if there was anything he could do to help.

He added: “I understand the concern, the fact is that people are far too cavalier on the roads.

“I’m certainly in favour of much more care being taken on the road, I see terrible driving everyday.”

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So far the petition has been signed 122 times. One signatory wrote: “There needs to be a junction because the road is so dangerous, people come flying around the corner and they will never know what’s coming round the corner, it could be a child on their bike.”

Another anonymous responder said her little sister was involved in an accident at the same location, adding: “Something must be done.”

To sign the petition, go to: