Can you find a home for Eli the elephant?

A NEW home is being sought for Eli the elephant, a fibreglass baby elephant decorated with images of Great Yarmouth’s past and present.

Eli needs a new home and is looking for somewhere suitable to live for the next six months. This can be anything from a school, community centre or venue, somewhere where visitors can enjoy having her around.

Those who would like to provide a home for Eli need to submit with 60 words or less as to why they are a suitable choice.

“Eli has been decorated by a group of 25 older people from the local community” said Laurie Miller-Zutshi of Seachange Arts, whom own the elephant, “working with artist Kate Munro the group decorated Eli in textiles to provide a custom-fitted costume for the elephant using memories of Great Yarmouth as their inspiration so the elephant is uniquely inspired by Great Yarmouth.

“It’s bright and colourful so would make a great feature for any venue.”

It is not the first time Eli has been on the move. She has previously been displayed in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston library, Martham Sure start Centre, the Town Hall, St Georges Park and Norwich Playhouse.

Nominations can be emailed to and the winning venue will get to enjoy Eli the elephant for the next six months.