Car left dangling on beach at Great Yarmouth

Car spotted dangling on sands at Great Yarmouth

Social media has reacted and speculated after a car was pictured dangling on the sands at Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Bethany Goodrum

A red car was captured dangling on the beach, its front tyres planted firmly in the sands at Yarmouth.

It was spotted half-on and half-off the beach by Bethany Goodrum who works nearby at the bowling alley on Wellington Pier at around 4.30pm on Boxing Day, when people traditionally venture out for a stroll.

The 18-year-old animal care student said she checked inside the vehicle, a Peugeot, to make sure no-one was hurt and then shared the photos on Facebook to alert the owner its front wheels were on the beach.

Dips sand show where car came to rest in Great Yarmouth

Tyre marks show where the car came to rest in the sands at Great Yarmouth on Boxing Day. - Credit: Anthony Carroll

Her post, which has been shared some 500 times, said she believed the owner had most likely left their handbrake off.

In the comments people shared memes about parking and satnavs, reacting with smiley faces and buzzing with speculation about how it got there.

Car dangles on beach in Great Yarmouth

The sands near a children's fun park opposite the Beach House Cafe where a car dangled from the prom. - Credit: Anthony Carroll

There was some debate over whether it had rolled or was pushed, several people noting the upward slope of the prom.

The car has since been removed.

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On Thursday (December 30) the imprint of where the front wheels had come to rest was clear to see, but the mystery over how it got there remains.

Car dangles off prom at Great Yarmouth

The possible access point for a car which ended up dangling off the prom onto the sands at Great Yarmouth on Boxing Day. - Credit: Anthony Carroll

Car dangles off prom at Great Yarmouth

A car spotted dangling off the prom at Great Yarmouth has now been removed. People have been speculating as to how it got there. - Credit: Anthony Carroll