Cat just home from Italy goes missing

A CAT which is used to prowling the olive groves of Italy has gone missing in Scratby.

Woody emigrated from Ormesby to the mountainous Le Marche region with his owner Chloe Penning eight years ago to enjoy a life in hotter climes at the heart of the ex-pat community.

But the self-sufficient tabby has been missing for five weeks after settling in well and apparently putting down roots in the borough of his birth.

His disappearance has devastated Mrs Penning, who returned to the UK in November to be closer to her children and grandchildren.

She said: “Woody has just vanished into thin air. He is microchipped and I have put posters up everywhere but he is nowhere to be seen. We are just desperate to get him back.”

Mrs Penning was happy with village life and working at Clere House old folks home where she fell in love with the stunning Le Marche region when it was featured on TV’s A Place In The Sun.

After moving out there to retire she was joined by her daughter Susanna and the pair including Woody, a Beagle dog and Italian rescue cat Felix, carved out a happy life enjoying a see-saw of warm summers and snow-covered winters.

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But at the age of 68, Mrs Penning decided it was time to come home to family, libraries, nice shops and a free bus pass, bringing all her animals with her.

Woody, she said, was used to catching snakes and lizards and would probably be good at looking after himself although probably missing a familiar lap and a fuss.

Mrs Penning is currently living in rented accommodation in Caister while her house in Italy is sold and enjoyed Christmas with her son Ben, his wife Claire and their two daughters in Gorleston.

Another son Adam lives in Chelmsford and is a famous carp fisherman with his own show on Sky TV.

Mrs Penning contacted the Mercury after reading about Fudge - the cat who was reunited with his owner after nine months - and hopes her tale of loss can have a similar happy ending.

She is also asking people in Ormesby to be on the lookout in case he tries to find his way back to his old home, which experts say is possible.

If you know anything about Woody’s whereabouts call 0793 8834030 or 0793 8826819.