Woman shares horror after pet cat Dave is mutilated by elastic band

Dave the cat injured by rubber band in Great Yarmouth

Dave the cat is recovering from his ordeal after a tiny elastic band was forced over his head. When it was removed part of his ear came away with it. - Credit: Grace Marshall

A pet owner has shared her horror after a tiny elastic band was forced over her pet's head resulting in him losing part of his ear.

Grace Marshall, of George Street, Great Yarmouth, said she came home to find the kitchen covered in blood and a trail leading to the injured animal.

Initially, her husband Dean thought an abscess had popped, but on closer inspection discovered the band wringing Dave the cat's neck and cutting into his ear.

Dave the cat recovering from his injuries in Great Yarmouth

The owners of four-year-old Dave are warning cat owners in Great Yarmouth to be vigilant after their pet had a tight elastic band forced over its head. - Credit: Grace Marshall

When he cut it it pinged across the room taking part of Dave's ear with it.

"It was just heartbreaking," Mrs Marshall said.

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"That someone could do that to my cat, to any cat, is unbelievable.

"It was awful."

Cat mutilated by elastic band

Dave the cat is recovering from his ordeal after a tiny elastic band was forced over his head causing nasty wounds. - Credit: Grace Marshall

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The pet was taken to RSPCA East Norfolk where he was prescribed antibiotics and pain killers.

The family was told if they hadn't spotted it, it could have been a lot worse.

The 24-year-old  mother-of-three said Dave was friendly at home but would not go to strangers, so likely would have been caught and held while the band was forced over his head.

She said the band was tiny and the wounds were fresh and that she had no idea how long it had been on him since they had been fussing him as usual and not noticed it until Sunday (May 9).

Had it been her other cat, which has long hair, it could have been much worse, she added.

Dave the cat loses ear to elastic band

The tiny elastic band was forced over Dave's head. When it was removed a piece of the cat's ear came with it. - Credit: Grace Marshall

The family are keen to spread the word about how cats could be at risk and asking owners to keep a close eye on their pets.

Dave, she said, was feeling better but not out of the woods yet.

Both family cats were currently being kept in.

A Go Fund Me page set up to pay for Dave's treatment will see any leftover funds donated to the East Norfolk RSPCA as a thank you for their care.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “We are so sorry to hear what has happened to poor Dave the cat, this was an awful incident of cruelty and we are just glad that he is now making a recovery.

“He was treated at our branch clinic for his injury.”

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