Caw! Great Yarmouth pupils amazed at huge bird’s nest

A MYSTERIOUS and huge nest containing eggs was discovered by pupils when they arrived at Great Yarmouth’s Northgate St Andrew’s School this morning.

Overnight a huge nest had been built on the school playing field and inside the nest were several very large eggs, larger than a rugby ball, coloured white with pale blue speckling.

PCSO Dave Slater was called and cordoned off the site as a precaution and during assembly it was discovered one of the eggs had hatched but the hatchling had disappeared!

A local scientist was able to make a brief visit but was called away to another school in the area where a similar event had occurred.

The children spent today investigating the events and trying to come to some conclusions about what might have happened. Their thoughts and feelings were shared in a special afternoon assembly when PCSO Slater was due to again appear and the mystery may have been solved!