Celebrations at East Coast College as students complete summer project

There were celebrations as speakers of other languages completed a summer project led by a Norfolk and Suffolk-based college.

On the final day of their course at East Coast College members of the group were awarded with certificates.

They also enjoyed food from different countries, with a Lithuanian cake being the centre piece.

During the day, tutors from the college held interviews with new students for the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course that starts this month.

Ingrida is one of the students who took part in the course. She managed to achieve 100 pc attendance during the summer project and completed her entry two reading exam.

Elham also attended the summer project and will be joining to ESOL course.

East Coast College tutor, Olga Wojtaszek, led the course and said: “Year after year the ESOL course is getting more and more popular.”