Cervical screening call across Great Yarmouth

HEALTH officials are using a national awareness week to remind women from across Great Yarmouth and Waveney about the importance of cervical screening.

Having started this week, cervical screening awareness week aims to encourage more women to attend for screening when invited by their GP.

The message has been echoed by health officials from NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney, who are urging women to register with a GP and take up the offer of regular screening.

Dr Shamsher Diu, public health consultant with the Trust, said: “It is very important to make sure you book an appointment when you are invited to attend for cervical screening.

“The test won’t take long to complete but could save your life by helping the NHS to pick up any issues at an early stage so that action can be taken. There is no need to feel embarrassed – your health professional can put you at ease and will be happy to answer any questions which you may have.

“I would urge all women to make sure they are registered with a GP and take up the opportunity for cervical screening when their invitation arrives.”

About 2,800 women in the UK develop cervical cancer each year, with the disease causing around 1,000 deaths. It is the 12th most common cancer in women of all ages and the second most common in women younger than 35. However, it can be prevented in 75pc of cases by early detection through screening.

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Dr Diu added: “I would urge any woman who is experiencing issues between her routine screens to contact their GP or practice nurse for advice. Please don’t wait until your next cervical screen to raise any issues.”