Renewed bid for 665 homes in seaside village

Persimmon Homes is looking to build 725 homes in Caister close to where it is already building 190 a

Persimmon Homes is resubmitting amended plans for 665 homes in Caister, west of Jack Chase Way. - Credit: Archant

A developer is amending its plans for 665 homes in a seaside village.

Persimmon Homes' bid for the estate in Caister, west of the village bypass Jack Chase Way, drew a range of concerns two years ago with villagers saying it would create an isolated community - not the "natural extension" it was billed as by the developer.

An initial bid saw a proposal for 725 homes on the estate named Magnolia Gardens.

Parish council chairman Tony Baker said he was ready to rise up again when the new plans were submitted.

Tony Baker, chairman of Caister Parish Council Picture: supplied by Tony Baker

Tony Baker, chair of Caister Parish Council, is hoping amended plans for Magnolia Gardens will take account of concerns raised. - Credit: supplied by Tony Baker

"We were pushing for amendments and our really big concern, apart from not wanting it, was around traffic," he said.

The parish council's proposal was for joint facilities, like a community centre, rather than one on the new estate.

"It is going to be another little conurbation with no roots," he added.

A spokesperson for Persimmon Homes Anglia said: “Following consultation with Great Yarmouth Borough Council and other key stakeholders, we aim to resubmit an outline application for the West Caister development within the next four weeks.

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“Our amended masterplan proposals include 665 homes, a local centre with units for a range of appropriate businesses, land for a primary school, health centre and areas of public open space.

"The application will be accompanied by an environmental impact assessment.

“We hope the application will be considered by the planning committee in late summer.”

An earlier consultation drew concerns about traffic and pressure on services some tagging it "a disaster". One respondent said it was against the will of "the community, the country, and the planet."

However, the bid has also drawn support from some looking to get on the property ladder in the village.

One resident said they were "100pc on board" adding: "Caister-on-sea needs affordable housing regardless of what locals say. I say build the homes and more."

A spokesman for Great Yarmouth Borough Council said the site had been put forward for inclusion in the emerging borough development plan, due for its final report in September.

 "The applicants are working on an amended masterplan for the proposed development," she added.

"Once this is received, the public and statutory consultees will be consulted as normal."