Charlie’s poster reminds dog owners to pick up their pet’s poo!

James Bensly, Great Yarmouth borough counciller; Jonathon Childs, borough councillor; Charlie Harold

James Bensly, Great Yarmouth borough counciller; Jonathon Childs, borough councillor; Charlie Harold, Hemsby primary school pupil and poster designer; and Mike Peake, Hemsby parish councillor and deputy chairman. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Supplied

Pet owners are being reminded the doggy “doo’s and don’ts” of cleaning up after their animals in a new poster campaign.

Ten-year-old Charlie Harold has designed a poster to discourage dog owners from not picking up their pets’ mess.

The Hemsby Primary School pupil entered a competition which was launched by the parish council after they spearheaded a crackdown on dog mess.

Charlie’s winning poster will now be displayed around the village as a reminder to residents and visitors.

Mike Peake, deputy chairman of Hemsby parish council, said: “All the entries were really good. We could have given a prize to a number of them.

“The winning poster was straight to the point. The parish council are now going to distribute and display them around the village.

“We are very grateful to the school and all the children who took part.”

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In February the parish council started a crackdown after their cleaner was reporting picking up over 20 lots of mess a day.

Parish councillors worked with environmental rangers from the borough council to try to catch pet owners who did not clean up after their dogs and then prosecute them.

Mr Peake called had on members of the public to help in catching the perpetrators by collecting photographic evidence of perpetrators.

Mr Peake said the Kings Way and North Road areas have seen a marked decrease in the amount of dog mess in the streets.

He added: “Our street cleaner says she has noticed a 70pc reduction in dog fouling since we launched a crackdown earlier in the year.”

Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s environmental rangers, who also act as dog wardens, are able to process cases to court for prosecution.

Anyone spotting spot a dog owner not picking up his/her pet’s poop can report the incident to the the borough council dog wardens on 01493 846478.