‘Just dollop it on, we’re in Norfolk’ - Couple’s Come Dine with Me showing gets positive response

Debbie and Chris King from Bradwell have tested their culinary credentials by appearing on Channel 4

Debbie and Chris King from Bradwell have tested their culinary credentials by appearing on Channel 4's Couples Come Dine With Me Picture: Debbie King - Credit: Debbie King

A Norfolk couple who hosted a TV dinner party say they were happy with how they came across when the show aired.

Chris and Debbie King from Bradwell appeared in the Norfolk episode of Couple's Come Dine with Me on Channel 4, going all out with glitzy presentation and Las Vegas-style dancing girls.

But with Mrs King struggling to work the oven and husband Chris's encouragement to "just dollop it on, we're in Norfolk" they only managed to serve up a three-course meal worthy of third place.

The couple watched the show for the first time with the rest of the TV audience and despite being apprehensive about what the final edit would bring said overall it was fair, although "a bit crafty" in places.

In the show the couple were first to host, meeting their fellow contestants for the first time when they rang the doorbell.

"The crew were with us for so many hours but they can only show so much," Mrs King said.

"Everyone thought it was brilliant.

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"We have had really good positive feedback.

"It was a fair edit of what happened. There were a couple of bits when I thought I didn't remember giving that answer to a question, but I thought we came off alright.

"What we were quite pleased with was they showed our entertainment and not the others.

"There were a couple of comments like when our food was described as 'a mid-week dinner' when I thought 'Oh, really.' But we said things about theirs too.

"I felt we came over as one of the best.

"I have watched it three times since then, and had some laughs and cringed."

She said two conversations about why she didn't like the French and another about her idol Princess Diana had been mashed together in a way she said was "a bit crafty" although she wasn't angry about it and took everything in the good-humoured spirit of the show.

Since the show went out the couple had been recognised in Wetherspoons and Gorleston's Palace Cinema with fans hailing their performance.

They were joined in the show by Jake and Desiree, and Daisy and Will.

The holiday-mad couple are now keen to apply for reality show Coach Trip.