Bremain or Bexit? Norfolk Park Run director goes to the polls for facial hair fundraiser

Where do you stand on B-exit? Chris Harbord is putting the future of his beard to the public vote fo

Where do you stand on B-exit? Chris Harbord is putting the future of his beard to the public vote for charity Picture: Chris Harbord - Credit: Archant

However you voted in 2016 another important decision is being put to the people.

To mark Brexit Chris Harbord is staging Bexit - or Beard-exit - with voters urged to take up positions on his facial hair.

As the UK is poised to leave the EU on Friday January 31, negotiations have begun over whether his whiskers leave or remain, or go half and half.

And whatever the outcome the 74-year-old from Bradwell has pledged to honour the democratic will of the people on February 1 - although he may delay the deadline by another week in true Brexit style.

Mr Harbord, who is Gorleston's Park Run director, said it was "just a bit of fun" but hoped to raise some money for the East Coast Hospice Appeal along the way.

People are asked to pay £1 to take part in the bristle ballot, his beard still sporting the red and blue livery he had in the run up to the general election.

"I support the East Coast Hospice because it is a good cause and it will be the only one in the area, and I also support the Santa runs in Gorleston for the charity," he said.

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"I have been wearing a beard for three or four years now.

"I have let it grow longer and it makes me look older and older so I thought I would take it off. It's more for the fun of it.

"My cousin said she would give me £5 to keep it, then she saw it and said could she change her mind."

As for Brexit the sports massage therapist and former Birds Eye food chemist, said he was "probably 50-50."

"I am not especially either way and can see both sides of the argument."

On the subject of his beard he said: "One or two of the ladies like it."

So far the polls were suggesting his beard would be out - but they could get it wrong again.

To make a donation and state your preference visit the donation page here.Meanwhile some pubs in the area are staging events to mark the UK's withdrawal from Europe with the Rumbold Arms in Southtown Road advertising a Mad Mals karaoke Brexit Party, The King William IV in Gorleston is hosting a Brexit Party with Dynamo Roadshow, and live music from Rawkus will help mark the political milestone at the Kings Arms in Ludham

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