Christmas all-clear for Blue after public pay for life-saving cancer op

Blue the dog

Blue has been given the Christmas all-clear after dozens of people rallied to pay for cancer surgery that has saved his life. - Credit: Candice Garvey

Blue the dog is recovering at home after cancer surgery paid for by people touched by his plight.

More than £1,000 was raised via an online donation page after his owners Candice and Vicky Garvey shared their upset about how ill he was and how much the operation was going to cost.

The couple, of Ferrier Road, Great Yarmouth, set about selling what they could, but it was donations from animal lovers - many of whom they did not know - that meant they could press ahead.

Candice said she was grateful to everyone that helped and that Blue was "doing brilliantly".

Blue the dog

Blue the dog with Candice Garvey. Candice and her wife Vicky were devastated when they found out Blue had cancer. - Credit: Candice Garvey

She said: "He’s healing nicely. All the cancer was removed and was tested, which came back low grade, so everything has gone really good."

She thanked everyone who had contributed, around 80 people, several of whom had given up to £100.

"Thank you so much. We would not have been able to do it without you," she said.

"We hit the target within days of launching the appeal. It was crazy."

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Blue had his stitches out on December 18, with the vet saying she was confident the cancer would not return.

Blue the dog

Blue the dog pictured before his tumour was discovered. He is now on the road to a full recovery after an online donation page raised enough for a life-saving operation. - Credit: Candice Garvey

The couple have had the eight-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier since he was a puppy describing him as "the softest baby” who is loved by everyone who meets him.

Having the public donations meant they were able to go ahead with the operation sooner rather than later giving Blue the best chance of a positive outcome, for which they would be forever grateful, Candice added.