'Bringing magic to people' - Foodbank's Christmas stocking campaign

Trevor Saunders wants to help spread the Christmas cheer to the people of Yarmouth.

Trevor Saunders wants to help spread the Christmas cheer to the people of Yarmouth. - Credit: James Weeds

Volunteers at a Great Yarmouth foodbank are working around the clock to ensure as many people get some festive cheer.

Mandalay Wellbeing Community Interest Company (CIC) in Victoria Arcade is preparing its fourth annual Christmas stocking campaign, which manager Trevor Saunders says will be its biggest ever.

"We've sent out 1,400 individual Christmas stockings to businesses, groups and individuals," Mr Saunders said.

"We have five donation trolleys at various supermarkets around the area with more on the way.

"Everything is now starting to come back and we have about 300 stockings which are filled and ready to go."

Dr Ailsa Sheldon and Trevor Saunders launch the stocking appealPicture: Trevor Saunders

FLASHBACK: Dr Ailsa Sheldon and Trevor Saunders launch the 2018 stocking appeal Picture: Trevor Saunders - Credit: Archant

People will be able to exchange vouchers from Mandalay Wellbeing for a stocking and volunteers will be able to nominate other people in the community who may not request a voucher.

Mr Saunders said: "I'm really passionate to find people in communities who seem to be forgotten about.

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"I love the idea of someone going out and donating a stocking to someone who may benefit and we want them to know there are people who care about them."

Stockings are available for people of all ages and genders, and there are also stockings available for homeless people and pets.

Mr Saunders said they want to help bring Christmas cheer to people in need.

"When I was a kid, I would look at the end of my bed and there was a stocking," Mr Saunders said.

"I knew that meant Father Christmas had been and that's the magic we want to bring to other people.

"Christmas is a really tough time for some people, and hopefully we can help those in need.

"This year, more than ever, things are really tough out there."

Food parcels at a foodbank.

Mandalay Wellbeing CIC distributed 120 food parcels on Thursday. - Credit: James Weeds

Mr Saunders revealed that 120 people used the Mandalay foodbank on Thursday, and the company has recently donated three tents to homeless people.

People interested in donating for the stockings can do so at the Mandalay Wellbeing store.

The foodbank welcomes gift sets, chocolates, toys and tins of food.

Mr Sunders said: "When people ask me what should they put in, I tell them 'whatever you would like to receive on Christmas Day'."

Alcohol, sharp items or glass products are not accepted as donations for the stockings.