‘It’s not something he expected’ - Son officiates at dad’s wedding


A bishop officiated at his father’s wedding.


The couple, Martin Henderson, 74, and Carole Briggs, 71, got married at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Gorleston, where the groom's son, Neil Henderson, 50, is bishop.

"We thought it would be a family thing for him to perform the ceremony," the groom said.

He asked his son if he would oversee the marriage.

"It was not something he expected to do," Mr Henderson said.

His older son was best man while the bride's sons walked her up the aisle.

"I don't think you could get a more family-orientated wedding than ours," Mr Henderson said.

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"It was quite an emotional time."

His son, a fireman in Lowestoft, was baptised into the church 12 years ago.

Last October he was made bishop, a role that allows him oversee weddings and funerals.

"It was a real privilege and honour to be asked to oversee the ceremony," he said.

"My dad was talking about getting married, I said you can do it at my church, so we did it.

"I was proud to do it for my dad."

The wedding was the eighth he presided over.

"I wasn't feeling too nervous. It was nice, there were lots of family and friends," he said.

Ninety guests attended the wedding. Martin and Carole's daughter, Barbara Henderson, 45, was also the ring bearer.

The newly married couple, who live in Belton, met almost ten years ago at the Kingfisher Bar and Restaurant in Burgh Castle.

"We met by coincidence," Mr Henderson said.

"I was working with the son of a friend of mine and did a job for them we decided to go to the Kingfisher for a meal.

"Carole was sitting on her won at the next table

"I said, you've been sitting on your own all this time, would you like to join us? And she did."

A string of strange coincidences has strengthened their relationship.

Mr Henderson, a former crane operator, said: "Carole's niece's husband worked with my brother offshore in Gabon in Africa."