Cobholm’s right royal knees up

NEIGHBOURS enjoyed a right royal knees up in Cobholm to mark the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Snacks were snaffled and the drink flowed during the traditional all day street party on Stone Road.

Union flags festooned the street as young and old joined together to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

Stone Road resident Janine Armstead said: “I moved into the street in August and have been made to feel so welcome. My four year old Grace and all the other children were up really early they were so excited. The wedding was very emotional, I cried my eyes out.”

Jodie Surgeoner, who organised the street party with friend Nichola Dobson, said: “There are about 100 people taking part including friends and family members of the people living here.

“There was quite a lot of planning and we knocked on everyone’s door to get them involved. We are having a barbecue this afternoon.”

Nichola added: “There is plenty of booze and everybody chipped in to make cakes. Luckily the weather is good, there has been a few clouds but the rain stayed away.”