'So pleased' - Club for widows and widowers meets again

Gloria Gee at St George's Theatre Cafe

"It's been brilliant." Mrs Gloria Gee is happy that the Golden Threads club is back. - Credit: James Weeds

Old friends were reunited for the first time in more than a year as a group for people who have lost a loved one shared stories and a cuppa once more.

A busy cafe.

There were twenty people attending golden Threads today. - Credit: James Weeds

Golden Threads club, which is aimed at people who have recently lost a loved one, has been running at St George's Theatre cafe since 2014.

The group met up on Wednesday for the first time in over a year due to ongoing lockdown restrictions.

Golden Threads leader, Gloria Gee said: "It's been brilliant. Everyone is so pleased to be back again."

Mrs Gee said that the purpose of the club was to socialise and chat over a nice cup of coffee or tea.

A busy cafe.

A fortnightly coffee and a chat is offered at Golden Threads at St George's Theatre cafe. - Credit: James Weeds

Jackie, who has been a longtime member of the club said: "It's been a long time. We've missed the company.

"The past year hasn't been very good, so it has nice to see everybody. It's been too long."

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Another member, Les, said: "This past year has been absolutely awful.

"I've not been able to socialise at all, so it's nice to get out and talk to people again."

A busy cafe.

Many members of Golden Threads haven't socialised over the past year. - Credit: James Weeds

Mrs Gee said: "Women can rabbit, but we really want the men folk to join as well."

"A lot of men shut themselves indoors after they have lost someone.

"If they can come here, it might add to their quality of life."

"After my husband passed away, it rocked me.

"I didn't feel like myself, and I had lost my self-confidence - which I used to have in bucketfuls.

"Meeting people and just talking about how your week has been has given me my life back.

St George's Theatre Cafe in Great Yarmouth. Photo: Andrew Fitchett

St George's Theatre Cafe in Great Yarmouth. Photo: Andrew Fitchett - Credit: Archant

"I feel like me again."

One man, who did not wish to named, said: "I would like to see more blokes come down here and meet people.

"It would be a welcome addition to all the women.

"When you lose your partner and you lock that door at night and all you've got is a telly for company, oh God.

"It's just nice to come down and talk with people."

Golden Threads' next meeting is at St George's Theatre cafe on June 23 from 1.30pm until 3.30pm and every fortnight thereafter.