Holidaymaker wins £180k at Yarmouth casino

Ian Kettle wins £182,232 at Grosvenor Casino in Great Yarmouth

Ian Kettle wins £182,232 at Grosvenor Casino in Great Yarmouth - Credit: Grosvenor Casino

A man won a jackpot of more than £180,000 while playing poker in a casino in Great Yarmouth.

Ian Kettle, aged 68, from Colchester, was in the Grosvenor Casino on August 7 with his wife to play poker after learning to play online only six weeks earlier. 

Mr Kettle, a retired fencing contractor, got a Royal Flush and couldn't believe his luck when he won £182,232.

The couple, who have been married 46 years, called their children and tipped the dealer before celebrating with the rest of their table.

Mr Kettle and his wife have not decided what to do with their win, but have given their children £30,000 to give their grandchildren "a better life".

Mr Kettle, said "I was absolutely stunned when I realised I had the winning hand. I had to double-check and then again give it another look before I could believe what had just happened.

"I think the other players at the table and the dealer had to do the same as me when I showed them my cards. I went to tell my wife and we then called our children, who simply could not believe it.

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"Our first thought was to share it with my family so they can be comfortable. After that, I may treat myself to visiting a couple of golf courses for a round or two.”

Thomas Sharpe, general manager of the Grosvenor Casino in Great Yarmouth said: "We are thrilled for Mr. Kettle.

"It's such a great thing to see our customers win a jackpot and the joy that follows a huge win like that."