Here to Help: Where to get help in Great Yarmouth during the coronavirus outbreak

People in Great Yarmouth are rallying to provide help to the vulnerable in their communities.

Here are the people and groups that are providing help in the town. We will be adding to this list on a rolling basis:

• N & R Gardening and Fencing Services in Gorleston are offering to source items like toilet paper and deliver them for free to their customers. The offer is also open to elderly and vulnerable people in the James Paget Hospital area of Gorleston. Call 0744 5803556.

• Great Yarmouth Borough Covid-19 Mutual Aid, a Facebook group, already has almost 1,500 members and is offering community support to those at risk - help to access food (cooking or going shopping), toiletries, complete errands, or have someone to talk to, particularly those who are elderly, disabled, immunocompromised, and/or already isolated. Visit their Facebook page here.

• Lacon Arms landlady Lorna Bevan in Hemsby is closing the pub and MBs snooker and indoor play centre. Both venues have well-stocked kitchens and she is distributing food to vulnerable people in the village. Ms Bevan, 55, has urged everyone to do their bit to keep in contact with people who need help or could just do with a chat. She said that simply passing your phone number on could make a difference.

• Using the hashtag viralkindness Branfords bar and restaurant in Caister is offering help with shopping and any general errands as well as a friendly phone call for those self-isolating in the village and wider rural area. The venue is also helping to launch Whelan Meals on Wheels offering home-cooked meals for £8 per person for two courses. Contact Branfords on 01493 720400.

• Andy’s Taxi Service based in Caister is offering a free shared taxi service to for people who genuinely cannot get to Iceland for their early shop at 7am. Spaces are limited and due to prior commitments can only be on certain days. To book a space call 01493 722556

• People in Acle wanting to help out can get in touch with the parish council, or visit the Facebook page Acle Emergency Planning - Resilience.

• A Gorleston carehome is appealing for emails to help residents cut-off from friends and family to stay connected to the outside world.

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They say that receiving children’s pictures, poems, notes, messages from adult pen-pals would help them to feel part of the community. To get involved contact

• Scratby Garden Centre says it is happy to deliver groceries even a bacon roll or a jacket potato to anyone that doesn’t feel like cooking. Contact them on 01493 730950.

• Maria Barnard, a Caister childminder, who works at Doodle Bugs is offering spare nappies to parents who may be able struggling to get hold of any.

Contact her via Caister Local Chat on Facebook.

• Nichols seafood, Great Yarmouth Market, will deliver to people self-isolating orders over £20.

• Tracey Jackson, who lives in Hopton, is offering to help elderly and vulnerable people in the village with shopping. Her phone number is 07501 026079.

• The Grange in Ormesby is offering free tea and coffee, and 50pc off food (eat in or takeaway) for NHS workers as a thank you for everything they are doing to fight the virus.

• Scratby Bakery is offering free drinks to all NHS staff and 25pd discount on all food items.

• Great Yarmouth Coronavirus Support, another Facebook group with almost 300 members, is offering similar support. Visit their Facebook page here.

• Shrublands FC, in Gorleston, has a team of volunteers free this weekend (Sunday, March 22) who can help with shopping, collection of medication or any other needs.

• Great Yarmouth Cycling Club is offering to run errands and collect and deliver small items. The cyclists cannot carry groceries but can collect prescriptions, post letters and take items to friends and family members. Call or text Warren on 07795 264621.

• The Landmark pub, in the Tower Complex on Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth, is closing after this weekend, but before then is offering free food to homeless people until the pub’s food runs out.

• Age Connected has taken the decision to close the ACORN Centre in Great Yarmouth in view of the government recommendations and to encourage our service users and the elderly to keep themselves safe. All Age Connected Lunch groups will also close from the end of the week. During this time staff will still be offering information and support and people can call 01493 262051/026052.

• In Ormesby and Scratby a ground crew of nearly 40 volunteers is ready with a community hub dedicated to support in the community. The group has made contact with local food providers and shops, and has deliveries ready, as well as specialist support. Contact 01493 732832 or 07506 357562, or visit the group’s mutual aid Facebook page.

• A piano teacher in Gorleston is teaching free music lessons online for children up to eight-years-old, live from the piano house in Gorleston twice a day. Contact Nicole at 07542 359202.

The Mercury’s sister paper the EDP has launched a Here to Help campaign aimed at offering assistance to the vulnerable.

Join the Here to Help Facebook Community here.

If you are doing something to help in your community, email

For updates visit our Coronavirus Facebook page.