Condition of Great Yarmouth flats slammed by tenant

THE condition of a block of flats owned by Great Yarmouth Borough Council has been condemned this week by an angry tenant.

Mum-of-two Terri Wheeler is demanding action is taken to improve the appearance of communal areas of the Middlegate tenements.

She has taken photos of rubbish left scattered on stairways, peeling paint and dirt and graffiti smeared over walls at the flats on Sidney Close.

Nothing has been done to deal with the problem according to Terri, who has lived in the flat close to Yarmouth town centre for the last seven years.

“It clearly states in the contract I signed as a tenant that the council is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the stairwell that I have to walk up,” said Terri.

“It is so filthy and a total embarrassment to have anyone come round and I should not have to put up with these living conditions especially since I am not on benefits and pay my rent.

“I have asked the council time and time again to sort out the dirt, filth and repair the stairwell and they fob me off with excuses about cutbacks.

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“I’m sorry, but it does not cost that much to buy two tins of magnolia paint every four years to keep the area clean.

No one should have to walk through this filth with their family.”

Work is planned to improve the condition of the flats according to a statement issued to the Mercury by the borough council.

A spokesman said: “Arrangements are being made for the communal entrance door to be replaced and for the landing windows and glazed screen at the rear to be repaired or replaced.

“When this work has been completed, the communal area will be redecorated and the graffiti removed.

“Much of this work is needed because of incidents of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

“We will, therefore, be discussing with the resident how we can best address these problems, possibly, for example, by making changes to the door-entry/security system and to the internal lighting arrangements.”