Convoy of bikers to pay tribute to Yarmouth grandmother

BIKERS will gather at a Great Yarmouth pub today to bid a final farewell to a determined woman who died from a brain tumour.

Angela Warne, 60, died at the James Paget University Hospital on New Year’s Eve from a brain tumour.

Paying tribute to his wife, Roger Warne, 64, who lives in North Quay, Great Yarmouth, said the couple met in Tiffany’s in 1969 and married 14 months later in Gorleston Register office.

He said: “She taught music and art at the Priory School but left in 1977 when our son Alec was born.

“She stayed at home and looked after him before going to a mother and toddler group.”

However, Mrs Warne did not enjoy the group and instead decided to start her own nursery school.

Mr Warne said: “She didn’t do it for the money, she did it for the love of the job. She looked after a lot of children and then they grew up and brought their own children to the nursery.

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“Angie loved a challenge and was very motivated.” Mr Warne said.

The couple have two sons Alec, 34, and Adrian, 25 and one grandson, Aidan, who is seven.

Mr Warne, who works as a caretaker, said: “Every Saturday Aidan would come round and here and Angie would buy him clay and coloured sand and they would do activities. She took him swimming and to a science fair - she loved him to bits.”

Mrs Warne never drove a car but when she turned 50 years old, she said she wanted ride a motorcycle.

“I saw a red 125cc custom bike and it looked lovely and Angie fell in love with it,” explained Mr Warne. “We bought it and she did her CBT (motorcycle test) and off she went.”

Her passion for motorbikes was evident and she often went on biking holidays to France and Switzerland on her Suzuki Volusia, with her husband following in the family van.

“She wasn’t a slow rider but she was very precise and safe. She went on a police motorbike training course at Wymondham for extra training.”

Mr Warne took his wife to Stratford-Upon-Avon last September to celebrate her 60th birthday.

But soon after she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

He said: “She had a funny turn and said she felt a tingling feeling down her side.

“She went to the doctors to be checked and on October 25 she went for a scan. She went back to work and the doctor called her that afternoon and said a benign tumour she had had before Alec was born had disappeared, but there was another tumour in the middle of her brain.”

Another scan on December 15 revealed the tumour had grown significantly and on December 22 they were told Mrs Warne had grade four brain cancer.

Mr Warne said: “We all spent Christmas together. I bought her a hat to cover the scar and a scarf.”

She was admitted to hospital on December 30 and died the next day, surrounded by her family and friends.

The funeral service is at Yarmouth’s St Nicholas’ Minster at 2pm followed by interment. And Mrs Warne will be buried in her biking leathers.

Any biker wishing to join the convoy should meet at the White Swan in Great Yarmouth at 1.30pm.