SURVEY: Tell us how the cost of living crisis is affecting you

woman shopping

The cost of groceries is now 5.2pc higher than it was a year ago. - Credit: PA

Responses have been pouring into our Cost of Living Survey, which is asking Mercury readers how spiralling prices are impacting on their lives.

People across the borough are facing rising costs for fuel, heating and food as council tax and national insurance payments increase. 

13,000 people died last winter in the UK because they couldn't afford to heat their home, says Norwi

Heating costs are rising - Credit: PA

Our comprehensive survey asks a series of key questions, such as are you worse off financially than a year ago, are you cutting back on shopping and using cars and would you consider taking a second job or selling possessions to help make ends meet.

We have had dozens of responses so far and we will be compiling all the results for a story on how the cost of living crisis is affecting people across the borough.

Take part in the survey below.