Person fell through Caister school skylight while trespassing

Google image of the school

A person fell through a skylight and onto a metal boiler after they had climbed into the school site. - Credit: Google

A person fell through a skylight and landed on a metal boiler after trespassing on a primary school site.

On Monday staff at the school in Caister noticed a door leading to the boiler room had been broken. Inside the room, there was broken glass and one of the school's boilers had been "damaged beyond repair".

Jonathan Rice, headteacher at Caister Junior School. The school is federating with Caister Infant an

Jonathan Rice, Caister Primary Federation's executive headteacher, pictured in 2017. - Credit: Ian Burt

Caister Primary Federation's executive headteacher, Jonathan Rice, said: "We understand that over the half term holiday, a person had fallen through a skylight. Initially, our main concern was for the person who had done that.

"It could have been a serious injury as a result of them falling through glass and onto a solid metal boiler."

One of the boilers is said to have received irreparable damage as a result of the person's fall.

"It was quite a significant amount of damage," Mr Rice said.

"One of the boilers is damaged beyond repair and, while we are insured, it is still a significant amount of money."

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The headteacher said that while trespassing has not been a "huge issue", the school site at Caister, near Great Yarmouth, has been accessed out of hours in the past.

Mr Rice said: "We do have a bit of an issue here, unfortunately. Being a primary school, we don't have a high fence, so it's quite easy for older children to climb in."

The headteacher said most primary schools in the county have lower fences to prevent pupils from getting hurt, so they would not like to have a higher fence installed.

Mr Rice said he hopes the person who fell through the skylight was not badly injured, but that this incident will serve as a warning for anyone considering trespassing onto the school site.

Google image of the school

A person trespassed onto the site of Caister Primary Federation over the half term holiday before falling through one of the school's skylights. - Credit: Google

"You can get yourself into some serious trouble - both in terms of with the police or even your physical health and wellbeing," said Mr Rice.

"My hope is that this person was not seriously injured. But in the long-term, I wish those one or two people who have broken into our school site before will stop."

Norfolk Constabulary said they were aware of the incident and are continuing investigations.

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