Fireworks thrown near Yarmouth police station

Great Yarmouth Police Station

Fireworks were thrown near Great Yarmouth Police Station after midnight on Sunday (May 23). - Credit: James Weeds

A car was damaged when fireworks were thrown near Great Yarmouth police station.

Norfolk Police are investigating after the devices were let off near the building on Howard Street North at approximately 12.20am on Sunday (May 23).

A car which was parked in the area at the time was damaged.

Herries Close Great Yarmouth

A man said he saw fireworks being thrown from Herries Close, pictured, towards Great Yarmouth Police Station on Sunday (May 23). - Credit: James Weeds

Alan Hunt, who lives in the neighbourhood, said he saw at least four or five fireworks "shooting at the police station from Herries Close and the public toilets next to the job centre".

He added: "It went on for about five minutes. I was just shocked someone decided to do things like that when people have kids and pets. It's unfair really," he added.

Police have said enquiries are ongoing.