'It can make life truly miserable' - anti-social behaviour campaign starts

Police officers patrol the Redcastle Furze estate at Thetford as part of the police initiative on an

Police and the borough council are teaming up to tackle anti-social behaviour - Credit: EDP, Archant

"We won't tolerate anti-social behaviour in our communities."

That is the message to residents of the Great Yarmouth area as a week-long campaign tackling anti-social behaviour in the borough launched.

From Monday Great Yarmouth Borough Council's tenancy services team are teaming up with Norfolk Police's operational partnership team to raise awareness of the support available to residents who experience anti-social behaviour.

A series of 32 events are planned across the borough this week ranging from pop up engagement events, foot patrols, estate walk abouts and street surgeries.

People are being urged to take part in the events to give their  views on loutish behaviour and on how estates can be improved and find out how to resolve low level issues. 

Emma Flaxman-Taylor, chairperson of the borough council's housing and neighbourhood committee, said: “To support the well-being of our communities, the council takes a strong stance against anti-social behaviour, where possible through informal actions and by offering support to help people improve their behaviour.

A gate was installed at Yarmouth Way by the borough council to help prevent anti-social behaviour

A gate was installed at Yarmouth Way by the borough council to help prevent anti-social behaviour - Credit: GYBC

“However, where this isn't possible, we frequently work in partnership with the police and the courts to protect residents whose lives can be negatively impacted by the behaviour of others.

"The council are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour in our communities when it arises.”

The campaign is part of ASB Awareness Week 2022, a national initiative organised by Resolve, which works to keep communities safe.

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Chief inspector for Great Yarmouth, Matt Dyson, said: “Anti-social behaviour is something many of us will be witness to or victim of in our lifetimes, and it can make life truly miserable for those who experience it.

Police quiz youths due to anti-social behaviour in March

Foot patrols are a way of tackling issues with anti-social behaviour - Credit: Archant

"We are happy to support this national week of action and will be working with our partners to provide opportunities for people to speak to us about anti-social behaviour in their area, so that we can work together as a community to tackle it.”

Incidents of anti-social behaviour can be reported to the tenancy services team through the council’s website at www.great-yarmouth.gov.uk or by emailing at tenancyservices@great-yarmouth.gov.uk, or phoning on 01493 846825/846839.

If people people feel that they are at immediate risk or in danger they should call the police on 999.