Man banned from being close to women on buses and trains

Liam Jonas touched a girl and a woman on buses in Great Yarmouth

Liam Jonas touched a girl and a woman on buses in Great Yarmouth - Credit: Anthony Carroll

A man from Great Yarmouth who was previously convicted for sex offences has now been banned from getting close to any women and girls on public transport across the country.

Liam Jonas was handed the five-year sexual harm prevention order as he was sentenced for stroking a 14-year-old girl and touching a 21-year-old woman on buses in Great Yarmouth.

Jonas, 30, of Wellington Road and who has learning difficulties, had admitted two counts of assault by beating, which related to the way he had touched his victims on the buses last June.

Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court heard Jonas had been placed on a sex offenders register until June 2020 and had carried out two sex assaults in 2013.

His recent behaviour on buses had then led to Norfolk police to ask for the national ban on him standing or sitting by females on public transport.

On June 12, Jonas sat behind a 14-year-old girl on a bus in Great Yarmouth and had stroked her.

Katherine Kibryra-Deane, prosecuting, said the girl thought Jonas was "creepy" and had been left disgusted by what had happened to her.

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The 21-year-old woman was on a bus on June 13 when Jonas sat by her and reached out to touch her.

Miss Kibrya-Deane said: "She was shocked and worried about what he would immediately do next."

As a result of the incident the women did not get on a bus for three weeks as she felt unsafe.

The court heard Jonas had three convictions for six offences, including the two sex assaults from 2013.

Due to his behaviour he had already been banned from buses in Great Yarmouth.

Anne Marie Sheridan, mitigating, said Jonas had ADHD and autism, had not been in education since the age of 13 and had no involvement with agencies, such as social care.

Jonas felt socially awkward and thought the way to find a girlfriend was to meet them on buses and had been "clumsy" in his attempts to do so.

Miss Sheridan said: "He was just hoping he was going to meet someone."

The five-year public transport banning order had a clause that said Jonas could be near females if it was unavoidable due to congestion.

He was also handed a 12-week prison sentence, suspended for 24 months, placed on a 24-month probation order and ordered to pay £250 compensation to each of his two victims.