Man poses as police officer by Great Yarmouth's Golden Mile

Scrubbed police officer badge

Norfolk Constabulary have advised the public on how to verify police officers. - Credit: Archant

A man posing as a police officer on Great Yarmouth's Golden Mile has led to police advising people on how to verify officers.

At around 12.30am on Tuesday, April 5, a man claiming to be a police officer stopped a man walking by Britannia Road.

The suspect was wearing a high-vis jacket with a radio attached to it and driving an Audi saloon with blue lights in the front grill.

Britannia Road

A man posing as a police officer stopped a man walking by Britannia Road in Great Yarmouth at around 12.30pm on Tuesday, April 5. - Credit: Google

However, when the suspect was challenged for his identification, he drove off.

A Norfolk Police spokesperson said: “Officers carried out searches after the incident but were unable to find the car.

“We have now identified the suspect involved and enquiries are continuing to trace and arrest him.

“Our advice to anyone approached in similar circumstances would be to dial 999 and report the incident to police immediately.

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“If you are stopped by a police officer, you can always verify who they are by asking for their identification or you can dial 101 and speak to the control room to confirm the officer is who they say they are.”