Drug dealers and shoplifters to be targeted by police

Gorleston drug dealers will be targeted

Drug dealing in alleys will be targeted in Gorleston by police - Credit: Adrian Judd

Drug dealers in alleys, shoplifters and vandals targeting a Roman fort site are to be prioritised by police in the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston areas.

Great Yarmouth Police have created a priority list following a meeting of a Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel.

The panel looked at several areas in the borough and people's concerns surrounding them.

In Gorleston police say they will address potential drug-dealing issues in alleyways around Brasenose Avenue and retail theft in the High Street.

In the Cobholm area of Yarmouth police said they would look at the problem of service roads being blocked.

In Bradwell officers will tackle anti-social behaviour on Green Lane playing field and at Burgh Castle the issue of criminal damage at its Roman fort will be addressed.

The next meeting of the action panel is on March 3 from 7.30pm via Microsoft Teams.

For further information look at Great Yarmouth Police Facebook page.