Taxi driver 'overwhelmed by support' after car broken into

Amanda Gilgil and her taxi

Amanda Gilgil, Albies driver and Miss Voluptuous UK 2022 finalist, discovered her taxi had been broken into on Wednesday. - Credit: Amanda Gilgil

A taxi driver preparing to do the school run for children in her town was shocked to find her motor had been broken into this week.

However, the driver - and Miss Voluptuous finalist - refuses to be down-hearted.

On Wednesday at around 5.40am Amanda Gilgil headed out to her car - parked near York Road - and noticed the passenger-side window had been smashed.

Amanda Gilgil's taxi

The driver's side window of Amanda Gilgil's taxi bus was smashed on Wednesday morning. - Credit: Amanda Gilgil

She said several items have been taken and immediately called her boss at Albies Taxis.

Ms Gilgil, 56, said: "When I first saw what had happened, I was a little in shock. It was before 6am, and I was ready to fuel up, get sorted out and then start my school run. Instead, I was met with that."

Amanda Gilgil's taxi covered in glass.

Equipment was taken from Amanda's taxi on Wednesday, June 8. - Credit: Amanda Gilgil

The mum-of-five said equipment has been taken as well as half a bottle of Fanta, half a packet of crisps and some hand cream.

The 55-year-old added she has been "overwhelmed" by the support from her team and manager, Simon Kitchen.

Mr Kitchen has reported the incident to the police.

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"I have to say a huge thank you to Simon," Ms Gilgil said. "The phone didn't even ring twice and he answered."

Amanda Gilgil and Simon Kitchen

Amanda Gilgil and Simon Kitchen of Albies Taxis. - Credit: Amanda Gilgil

Ms Gilgil drove her taxi back to the company's yard for repairs and, despite the inconvenience, she was able to continue her work day shortly after.

"I love my job," Ms Gilgil said. "I've been with Albies for eight years.

"Some might see me as just a taxi driver but transporting disabled or disadvantaged children to their schools is such a great way to make a living."

Ms Gilgil is currently preparing for the finals of Miss Voluptuous UK, which will take place at Grantham's Guild Hall on July 17.

She has recently been raising money for the Tribal Trust which helps homeless people in Great Yarmouth and undertook a bikini dip on Gorleston beach in April to raise awareness.

Amanda Jane Gilgil, from Great Yarmouth, tries a practice run for her bikini dip

Amanda Jane Gilgil, from Great Yarmouth, tries a practice run for her bikini dip - Credit: Tommy Lee Grimmer Photography

"Everything is stress, stress, stress at the minute," she explained.

"My taxi being broken into definitely added to that but the team really helped."

For more information about Ms Gilgil's journey to the finals of the Miss Voluptuous UK competition, follow her Facebook page.

Amanda Gilgil

Great Yarmouth taxi driver Amanda Gilgil is going to the finals of the Miss Voluptuous UK competition in July. - Credit: Amanda Gilgil