'No pride anymore' - Neighbour speaks out on antisocial behaviour

Manby Road composite

Manby Road is being prioritised for more police patrols after reports of antisocial behaviour. - Credit: James Weeds

Drug dealing and begging are two examples of antisocial behaviour seen by one resident of a Great Yarmouth area which is being prioritised by police.

Great Yarmouth Yarmouth police have said they will focus on tackling antisocial behaviour in Manby Road and Stanley Terrace.

A 45-year-old woman, who has lived on Manby Road for 11 years, said she has seen the area "go downhill".

Manby Road

A resident of Manby Road said she has watched the area "go downhill" over the past 11 years. - Credit: James Weeds

"We have a lot of alcoholics and druggies in the area these days," the woman said.

"There's a lot of blatant drug dealing going on. You can tell people are dealing a lot of the time. 

"Once we asked them to do it somewhere else. They shouted that they had to do it somewhere.

"There's also been some antisocial behaviour from drinkers in the area. Things from funny looks to people asking for money and cigarettes.

"Our kids used to play out the back but not anymore. You just don't feel safe. Both here and in the town.

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"I was attacked a few months ago. I was asked for money. I said I didn't have anything and I was pushed over."

Street sign for Manby Road.

Manby Road sign. - Credit: James Weeds

When asked whether she had contacted police about the incident, she said she decided not to.

She added: "Police don't do anything. I have reported the drug dealing and drinkers though.

"An officer called round last week and we told them then."

Police on patrol

Police were patrolling Manby Road over the weekened. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

The woman said she was looking to move away from the area.

"We don't feel safe here anymore," she said.

"With some of the people who have moved in, there’s more rubbish everywhere. There's no pride in this area anymore."

Stanley Terrace in the sunshine.

A resident of Stanley Terrace said the area's issues with antisocial behaviour have improved over the past six weeks. - Credit: James Weeds

Jon Bozzoni, 42, of Stanley Terrace, said he has noticed a difference already due to police action.

"There were issues up until about six weeks ago," Mr Bozzoni said.

"Police were here every night.

"But so far we have spoken to police and things seem to be better.

Police on patrol

Police officers were on patrol in Stanley Terrace over the weekend. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

"People have worked together and things are noticeably better.

"Some of the kids round here are a bit noisy but they have nowhere else to go."

The police priorities were set at a Great Yarmouth Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel Priority Setting meeting, which also agreed to tackle stairwell fires in Yarmouth Way.

The meeting also set priorities for the Rural Flegg Villages and Caister and Coastal patches. Both those areas will now see a more visible police presence.

Jon Bozzoni outside his house on Stanley Terrace

Jon Bozzoni of Stanley Terrace said he has noticed an improvement in the area already. - Credit: James Weeds

According to police figures, there were four crimes reported in the Manby Road area in January. There were two offences of a violent and sexual nature, one report of a public order offence and one reported theft from a person.