Alcohol seized during police town centre community patrols

A police officers greets people on his patrol

A police offer greets people on his community policing patrol - Credit: Great Yarmouth Police

Police in Great Yarmouth have seized alcohol from people drinking in a town centre no street drinking zone.

The seizures were made by officers carrying out community policing patrols and involved "a few people" contravening a designated no drinking zone.

A statement from Great Yarmouth Police said: "Officers from the Community Policing Team met with tourists and members of the public last week in Great Yarmouth town centre.

"Alcohol was seized from a few people drinking within the designated no drinking zone, but the majority of visitors were happy to say hello, and appeared to be enjoying the good weather."

The patrols came as Great Yarmouth Borough Council approved a Public Space Protection Order to tackle street drinking on Thursday night.

The order allows the police to “require the surrender of alcohol and/or to stop drinking where individuals are considered to be acting in an anti-social manner” in public places across the borough.