Man who left blood, vomit and urine in communal areas of flats jailed

Ray Sim, of Regent Street, Great Yarmouth, has been jailed.

Ray Sim, of Regent Street, Great Yarmouth, has been jailed. - Credit: Great Yarmouth Borough Council

A man who left blood, vomit, and urine in communal areas of a block of flats after repeatedly breaching an anti-social behaviour injunction has been jailed.

Ray Sim, 53, of Regent Street, Great Yarmouth, harassed and threatened residents' lives with shouting, swearing and banging on doors in the flats in Great Northern Close, Great Yarmouth.

He threatened a resident and on one occasion was arrested and found in possession of a bladed article.

On Monday, April 4, Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court sentenced him to a two-year prison sentence for repeated breaches of anti-social behaviour injunction obtained by Great Yarmouth Borough Council to protect residents.

He was ordered to pay £4,066.68 in costs.

Sim had previously been found guilty of breaching the order in November 2020, receiving a seven-week suspended sentence, and in January 2021, when he received a 12-month suspended sentence.

Sim was subject to a number of injunctions during the period, following repeated complaints about his anti-social behaviour.

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The most recent injunction had banned him from being in or entering the Great Northern Close area.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council housing and neighbourhoods committee chairman Andy Grant said: "Everyone should be able to enjoy their home in peace and safety and we will use all the tools available to us to look after residents. 

"The council works closely in partnership with Norfolk Constabulary to protect tenants affected by anti-social behaviour, and I thank the council's Tenancy Services Team and the police for their work in making our communities safer."