WATCH: Moment used oil is stolen from Hemsby takeaway

Three men - two in high-vis jackets - outside the back of Istanbul Delight.

Three men were caught on CCTV behind Istanbul Delight on St Thomas' Road in Hemsby. - Credit: Supplied

CCTV footage has emerged showing the theft of cooking oil from a kebab shop in a coastal village.

Three men breaking into the backyard of the kebab house.

Three men broke into the backyard of Istanbul Delight in Hemsby on March 12. - Credit: Supplied

Two thefts of used cooking oil took place from behind Istanbul Delight on St Thomas' Road, Hemsby between the end of February and mid-March. Three-hundred litres of used oil - worth £75 - was stolen.

Police say there is a wider issue of oil being stolen to be turned into fuel with another premises being targeted in the nearby village of Caister as well by thieves.

Istanbul Delight owner Khaled Abdelmeguid caught the thieves on his CCTV on March 12.

Footage shows three men breaking into the backyard of the kebab shop before loading the oil barrels into a white Ford Transit.

A man closing the gate.

Police have said the theft is part of a wider issue as used cooking oil can be used to make biodiesel. - Credit: Supplied

Mr Abdelmeguid said: "At first, I felt sad. Not only have 300 litres of oil been stolen, but also five barrels.

"It's ridiculous.

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"I feel unsafe. As the thieves broke through my fence, what's to stop them from breaking into my shop next time?

"I hope the thieves get caught and get punished for what they have done."

CCTV footage of men walking into a backyard.

A total of 300 litres of oil was stolen from Istanbul Delight over two separate incidents. - Credit: Supplied

In Caister, Reece Eden, head chef at Great Yarmouth and Caister Golf Course, said he had used oil taken from behind his kitchen four times over the Christmas period.

"They're proper chancers," said Mr Eden.

"The first time it happened, I thought it was legitimate."

Mr Eden explained that he had notified professional collectors to remove his used oil. Minutes later he saw the oil being collected and thought nothing of it. He was later notified by the official collection service that there was no oil when they came to collect.

Three men caught on CCTV.

CCTV footage shows two of the three men breaking into the backyard of Istanbul Delight in Hemsby. - Credit: Supplied

"I realised I had been done and it happened another three times. I then saw the people arrive again in December and I told them to go away. They haven't been back since," said Mr Eden.

"You don't really see it as a thing of value, but clearly it is to some people."

A police spokesperson said: "Police were called to reports of the theft of two barrels of cooking oil from Hemsby Kebab Shop in St Thomas’s Road at around 8am on March 12, 2022 and three barrels on February 21, 2022 worth a total of £75.

"This is under investigation."

A white van caught on CCTV.

The thieves were seen loading used oil into a white Ford Transit on CCTV outside Istanbul Delight on March 12. - Credit: Supplied

Anyone with information can call Great Yarmouth Police Station on 101.

Alternatively, people can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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