'It's caused chaos' - Vaccine centre boss reacts after locks glued

Hayden Brown, 53, of Burgh Road, Great Yarmouth, has been jailed for 12 years after supergluing a Co

Hayden Brown was caught on covert CCTV supergluing the locks at a Covid-19 vaccination centre in Gorleston - Credit: Norfolk Police

A man who prevented 504 people from receiving Covid-19 booster jabs after he superglued locks at a Gorleston vaccination centre has been jailed.

Hayden Brown, 53, of Burgh Road, Gorleston, is behind bars after a covert police camera caught him in the act putting superglue on locks at a building that has been turned into a jab centre.

He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison on Wednesday after pleading guilty to criminal damage at Norwich Magistrates' Court.

Brown superglued the locks at a Covid-19 vaccination centre based in Amnalisj in Lowestoft Road, Gorleston, overnight on Friday, November 26.

The vaccine centre in Lowestoft Road, Gorleston

The vaccine centre in Lowestoft Road, Gorleston - Credit: Anthony Carroll

This prevented the door from being opened, which stopped 504 vulnerable people from receiving Covid-19 booster jabs. 

Brown admitted to causing public nuisance and possession of a Class B drug after a quantity of cannabis was found at his home following the arrest. 

Covert cameras were placed at the site after two previous superglue incidents on Friday, November 12 and Saturday, November 20. 

A note at the centre informing people of the closure

A note at the centre informing people of the closure - Credit: Anthony Carroll

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Brown was filmed in the act, with the footage helping Norfolk Police identifying him.

Superintendent Nathan Clark, of Yarmouth police, said: “Brown’s actions prevented more than 500 people to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.

"A large number of these people are elderly and this disruption will have caused great anxiety to those who have chosen to be vaccinated and then not able to attend.”

The temporary jab centre is run by Great Yarmouth-based Pharmacyexprezz, which has been hired by Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group to administer booster vaccines.

Owner Waheedat Owodeyi said she hoped the centre, which has 10 staff and three volunteers, would be open by Saturday.

She said the first incident of a superglued lock on November 12 caused chaos at the centre, leading to a delay in the centre being opened as a locksmith was called out.

The second incident also caused delays, but the third led to total frustration for staff, volunteers and those due to have their jabs.

She said: "We just could not get the door open. it was very frustrating. He had superglued the lock.

"It has caused disruption to everyone."