WATCH: Moment man caught red-handed gluing locks of vaccine centre

Hayden Brown, 53, of Burgh Road, Great Yarmouth, has been jailed for 12 years after supergluing a Co

Hayden Brown was caught on covert CCTV supergluing the locks at a Covid-19 vaccination centre in Gorleston - Credit: Norfolk Police

The moment a vaccine saboteur put super glue into locks at a vaccination centre, preventing more than 500 people from receiving Covid jabs, has been revealed.

In the video, the man can be seen marching up to the door of Amanalisj (Pharmacyexprezz) vaccine centre in Lowestoft Road, Gorleston, on Friday, November 26.

After taking a quick look over his shoulder, it  takes a matter of seconds for the man to commit the act that prevented 504 people from receiving vital Covid booster jabs. 

Hayden Brown, 53, of Burgh Road, was jailed for 12 weeks on Wednesday, after the camera footage helped Norfolk Police to identify him.

The covert camera was put in place after two previous incidents happened in November.