Meet the new beat manager for Caister and coastal villages

PC Christopher Martin outside Great Yarmouth Police Station

Meet Caister, Scratby and Ormesby's new beat manager, PC Christopher Martin - Credit: James Weeds

People from Caister, Ormesby and Scratby may see a new face on the streets as the police set out to champion community engagement.

PC Christopher Martin, the new beat manager for Caister and coastal villages, said he is proud of his new patch and wants to be open to the community.

A five-year veteran of the force, PC Martin, had spent a lot of his early career working as a responder.

"It's quite refreshing to be able to engage with the community," said the 37-year-old.

"This role gives you more time to engage with people, have a visible presence and give reassurance that we are here and we are listening."

Since starting the role in May, PC Martin said his emphasis has always been on engagement. He was at the Caister Carnival in June with two marked police cars and he said the day was a great success.

"People stopped by for a chat and to ask questions," he said.

"And the kids enjoyed sitting in the cars, operating the lights and sirens as well. This stuff is really important and by the end of the day people felt more relaxed."

He said he was "proud" to have Caister, Scratby and Ormesby as his patch and he knows the area well.

One issue in Caister that PC Martin said he was aware of is the upcoming development of 665 homes to be built by Jack Chase Way.

west caister homes

The land in West Caister which is to be developed into 665 homes - Credit: Google

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He said: "There is probably going to be some pushback and maybe a bit of tension surrounding that.

"Our priority is to engage with people and try to de-escalate any tension in the community.

"If people do have concerns, it is important they voice them in the correct way, as I'm sure the people in Caister and the surrounding area will do."

He also commented on a recent rise in antisocial behaviour in the villages.

“Over the school holidays, we always see an increase, unfortunately," he said.

"Which is why I'm regularly out on foot patrol just to make people aware we are here."

PC Martin said he had already received comments from residents, saying it was nice to see a "bobby on the beat again".

“We want to be more visible and we want people to know where we are if they want to talk to us," he added.