Thieves take NHS worker's £400 bike - and leave worthless one in its place

An NHS worker is appealing for the return of her beloved sky blue bicycle after it was stolen in Great Yarmouth.

An NHS worker's beloved blue bike was stolen in Camperdown Great Yarmouth while she was having her nails done. She is appealing for its return after thieves took the bike and left a worthless replacement. - Credit: Savjune Bogdaite

Thieves stole an NHS worker's bike during an hour-long window - and substituted it for an inferior model.

Savjune Bogdaite left her distinctive sky blue bicycle locked to railings in Camperdown, Great Yarmouth, when it  was stolen between 6.30pm and 7.30pm on Monday June 7.

The blue Carrera bicycle stolen in Great Yarmouth.

Savjune Bogdaite loved her distinctive sky blue bike which has been stolen in Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Savjune Bogdaite

When she returned it had been taken, and another one - which she presumes belonged to the thief - left in its place.

Savjune Bogdaite is appealing for help after her bicycle was stolen in Camperdown Great Yarmouth.

Thieves took Savjune Bogdaite's £400 blue Carrera bicycle and left this one in its place. The 35-year-old will now have to get the bus to work. - Credit: Savjune Bogdaite

The 35-year-old imaging assistant at the James Paget University Hospital's ultrasound department said she was heartbroken to lose her £400 pride-and-joy bike - which she uses to get to work from her home in Sackville Close, and will now have to take the bus.

"The bike is very different and distinctive. I have never seen another one in Yarmouth. Everyone always compliments me on how beautiful it is when they see me on it," she said.

An NHS worker's bike was stolen in Camperdown Great Yarmouth while she was having her nails done.

Thieves cut the lock on Savjune Bogdaite's 'beautiful' blue bicycle and left another one in its place. - Credit: Savjune Bogdaite

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"I worked hard all through the pandemic and I cycle to work," she said. "I look after my things and just the thought that someone has my property is upsetting."

Anyone with information, or anyone who may have captured any suspicious activity on CCTV in the area, should contact the Op Solve Team on 101.

NHS worker's blue Carrera bike stolen in Camperdown Great Yarmouth

Savjune Bogdaite with her beloved sky blue bike which has been stolen. She is appealing for its return as the NHS worker uses it to get to work from Great Yarmouth to Gorleston's James Paget University Hospital. - Credit: Savjune Bogdaite

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