'Gutted' - Thieves take BMW wheels leaving car on bricks

A grey BMW without wheels and an inset of the car's owner, a young man.

Scott Moore, 21, from Belton, wants people to remain vigilant after the wheels were stolen from his BMW on Friday, November 28. - Credit: Scott Moore

A man had to look twice after waking up to find the wheels had been stolen from his car.

Scott Moore, 21, was about to go to work on Friday morning (November 27) when he saw that all four wheels of his BMW had been removed.

It was 7am when he made the discovery outside his partner's house on Selwyn Road in Gorleston.

"I did a double-take, that's for sure," he said.

The wheels were taken between 12pm and 7am.

A wheel from a BMW 335i.

A wheel beloning to a BMW 335i. Four of them were stolen off Scott Moore's car on November 27 on Selwyn Road in Gorleston. - Credit: Scott Moore

Mr Moore, who is from Belton and works in the oil and gas industry, said: "That wasn't the worst bit, they'd left the car sitting on bricks and all the bricks were upright.The two bricks at the back were cracked in half. If the bricks had crumbled and the car fell on the floor I don't know how you'd get it back up.

He added: "I was a bit gutted, because I work hard and with all that's gone on this year, I didn't think people would do this to someone."

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He bought the car, a BMW 335i, in December 2018.

"I just want to make sure people are aware stuff like this is going on. I just want people to be vigilant," Mr Moore said.

The damage will cost approximately £2,000 to repair.