Dog walker warning over poisoned meatballs at beauty spot

The ruins of the Roman fort at Burgh Castle near Great Yarmouth.April 2016.Picture: James Bass

The ruins of the Roman fort at Burgh Castle near Great Yarmouth. Dog walkers are being warned to be vigilant after a suspected poisoning. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

Dog walkers who exercise their pets at one of Norfolk's best loved historic sites are being warned to be vigilant.

Norfolk Archaeological Trust said in a post that it had received unconfirmed reports about dogs being poisoned by meat balls laced with slug pellets.

The post said: "We have no further details at present but advise all dog walkers to be extra vigilant at Burgh Castle Fort.

Views from the boardwalk at Bugh Castle Roman Fort. The village has a number of holiday parks and a

Views from the boardwalk at Burgh Castle Roman Fort. The site is popular with dog walkers. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

"Norfolk Constabulary are involved with the investigation and the Parish Council are aware. Please report to us and the police any suspicious activity or if you find anything of concern, thank you."

It follows a similar incident earlier this month when around 20 meatballs, which had a number of pellets inside, were left on Granville Road in Great Yarmouth. 

The alarm was raised after a dog fell seriously ill. It was taken to the vets and made a full recovery.

At the time the police said they were treating the incident as an act of animal cruelty and appealed for witnesses.