Police close probe into 'terrifying' Armani armed robbery

Police are hunting three men behind an armed robbery close to Martham Sports and Social Club in Roll

Three friends were forced by armed robbers wearing balaclavas to hand over their valuables on June 27, 2020, as they ate pizza in their car in Martham near the sports and social club. - Credit: Archant

All lines of enquiry have been exhausted after the "terrified" occupants of a parked car were forced to give up their valuables in a quiet Norfolk lane.

Police launched an investigation in June 2020 after three men wearing balaclavas approached a parked car close to Martham Sports and Social Club in Rollesby Road where the occupants had pulled in to eat pizza.

During the incident the driver was threatened and the suspects demanded his silver and gold Armani watch and a gold necklace which he handed to them.

Police are hunting three men behind an armed robbery close to Martham Sports and Social Club in Roll

Police say they have been unable to trace three men who forced the occupants of a car to give up their valuables while parked up in Martham. - Credit: Archant

One of the suspects was armed with a bat while a second suspect verbally threatened the victim with a knife, although it wasn’t seen.

Two passengers, both women, were also in the car and one had a Louis Vuitton handbag stolen.

It is believed the suspects made off in a small black car.

At the time Det Insp Tom Smith, from Great Yarmouth CID, said a number of units attended the scene on the night and that officers were working to establish the circumstances of the robbery and trace those involved.

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A post on social media said the three friends had been “terrified” by the ordeal and warned people to be vigilant.

In response people spoke of their shock, tagging the incident “a total nightmare”, adding, “I do hope they catch these vile people.”

But a spokesman for Norfolk Police said this week (January 2021): "All lines of enquiry have now been exhausted and no suspect has been identified, therefore the crime has been closed.

"However, should any new information be received, officers will reopen the investigation."