Police patrol Yarmouth areas where people feel less safe

Yarmouth police on patrol in Great Yarmouth

Areas of Great Yarmouth where people feel less safe are being flagged via the Street Safe online tool. - Credit: Norfolk Police

Police have undertaken extra patrols in areas of Great Yamouth identified via a new online tool as places where people feel less safe.

Launched by the Government's Home Office, the Street Safe portal allows people to anonymously flag up the areas where they feel unsafe, with women and girls being particularly encouraged to use it.

Officers aim to respond by reassuring communities with increased patrols.

Police patrols in Great Yarmouth

An officer patrols the area around Middlegate identified via the new Street Safe online tool. - Credit: Norfolk Police

On Monday (August 16) an officer said on social media he was patrolling the areas and added "you have told us you don't feel as safe as part of the #StreetSafe initiative".

Locations included Sidney Close and Sackville Close in Middlegate, Great Yarmouth.

Areas can feel unsafe due to environmental issues such as poor lighting, abandoned buildings, or vandalism, or due to behaviours such as being followed.

Earlier this month Norfolk's chief constable Paul Sanford said: "We know a visible presence provides reassurance and is an effective way of reducing crime."

Visit Police.Uk to find the Street Safe tool and flag up areas of concern.