Lucky students work on Danny Boyle film on east coast

The students with Danny Boyle and Phil Bury.Picture: East Coast College

The students with Danny Boyle and Phil Bury.Picture: East Coast College - Credit: Archant

As students studying film production working with Oscar-wnning director Danny Boyle may be a dream job.

And for Great Yarmouth-based students Jake Allcorn, John Mason, Nick Giles and Joe Malcolm, that dream has become true as they worked on his film that is already taking the east coast by storm.

The four visual effects and post-production (film) degree students from East Coast College’s University of Suffolk provision spent two days working as paid crew members on Mr Boyle’s latest venture as it was being shot in Gorleston.

They worked alongside Mr Boyle’s staff to help set the rigging and shadowed key members of the crew.

The students also enjoyed in-depth discussions about the industry with Mr Boyle and his assistant director Richard Styles and Oscar winner sound recordist Simon Hayes.

Student Nick, who aspires to work in camera operation, said: “This experience has helped me immensely because it has given me the opportunity to get real life industry experience on a professional film set which is difficult to get anywhere else.

“I was able to network and make links and connections with people in the industry which I hope will open more doors for me in the future.”

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Joe said: “The atmosphere on set was really friendly and helpful and I found it great to be able to network with people from the industry.

“I got to spend time with people from all different areas of the production team and learnt about all the different roles involved including ones I’ve never heard of before. Following this experience, I’m really interested in pursuing a career in video playback.”

Phil Bury, visual effects and post-production course leader at East Coast College said: “I went to see for myself how the students were getting along and found them in conversation with the crew and also standing right next to Danny Boyle - as near to the action as you can get really.

“I am very proud of all the students who took part and also proud to be part of producing the next generation of film makers.”

All four students have been invited to take part in filming a grand finale concert scene on Gorleston beach at the end of the month.

Mr Boyle is directing a film written by Richard Curtis about the Beatles and has already shot numerous scenes across Gorleston, Halesworth, Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth.

It stars Himesh Patel and Lily James and a rumoured appearance from Ed Sheeran.