Deer gets wedged upside down between house and oil tank

Fire crew from Great Yarmouth rescues deer trapped in Winterton

A fire crew from Great Yarmouth rescues a deer stuck in a tiny gap in Winterton, and (inset) the deer wedged in the small space. - Credit: Winterton Newsletter

A deer got so tightly wedged upside down in a tiny gap between an outside wall and an oil tank it was unable to wriggle free.

The young muntjac was seen "trotting down the street" in Winterton, the village's newsletter reported,  before it squeezed through a gate at the side of the property, panicked and became stuck.

Deer stuck in small space rescued in Winterton by Great Yarmouth fire crew

A deer became tightly wedged in The Lane in Winterton but was released unharmed thanks to a fire crew from Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Winterton Newsletter

One person said it was "screeching for ages and very stressed".

A fire crew from Great Yarmouth took over an  hour to free the animal, which was unharmed.

Deer stuck in Winterton rescued by Great Yarmouth fire crew.

A fire crew from Great Yarmouth working out how to free a muntjac deer which had wedged itself tightly behind an oil tank in Winterton. - Credit: Winterton Newsletter

An entry on the Norfolk Fire and Rescue log for Saturday (April 9) said the crew was alerted at 12.33pm to the incident in The Lane close to the Fisherman's Return pub.

The post said crews used hand appliances to release the deer which was unharmed, officially closing the incident at 1.48pm. They were able to move the tank just enough to free the deer, wrap it up, and release it in fields nearby.

Deer released from tight spot in Winterton by Great Yarmouth fire crew

A young deer is released unharmed from a tight spot behind an oil tank where it had been reportedly "screeching and stressed." - Credit: Winterton Newsletter