‘You’re taking the girl’s side’ - Man charged with spitting into ex’s face shouts at magistrate

Elliot Yaxley, of Mill Road, Great Yarmouth, was charged with common assault and causing criminal da

Elliot Yaxley, of Mill Road, Great Yarmouth, was charged with common assault and causing criminal damage at Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court. Photo: Google - Credit: Archant

A man charged with spitting in his ex-partner’s face and causing damage to her property accused the prosecution of “always taking the girl’s side” before storming out of court.

Elliot Yaxley, 22, of Mill Road, Great Yarmouth, appeared at Great Yarmouth Magistrates’ Court on Friday, September 25.

He pleaded guilty to common assualt and two counts of criminal damage.

Mark Jackson, prosecuting, said a “prickly” argument between Yaxley and his then girlfriend on New Year’s Eve led to an “uncomfortable discussion” about ex-partners, with Yaxley calling the complainant a “tramp”.

A drink was thrown over Yaxley, who then tried to take £400 in cash from his ex’s property when she demanded he leave.

Mr Jackson said: “Yaxley was certainly in a temper, and there was a lot of pushing and shoving.

“He began deliberately punching the complainant’s door, and spat in her face. As he left, he caused further damage to walls, floors and her car’s wing mirror. The damage was significant - we’re talking in excess of £500.”

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He added: “We’re dealing with a spit pre-Covid, so though there was no risk of infection, it was clearly a weapon of humiliation.”

Debbie Reynolds, mitigating, said in “fairness” to Yaxley there was “argy bargy” between both parties.

She said: “He totally lost control of his emotions when he spat, but he admits he has an emotionally unstable personality disorder and PTSD.

“He accepts he has a long way to go with his anger management counselling.

“He is a young man who will no doubt have future relationships, and needs to learn not to fly off the handle.”

Chairman of the bench, Peter Candon, said spitting was a “serious offence” - and while he postponed sentencing for a pre-sentence report, he told Yaxley he could not rule out custody.

Yaxley, who was then reprimanded by Mr Candon for “not listening to him”, began shouting and swearing at the magistrates and prosecution.

He said: “You’re all standing here judging me and you’re all taking the girl’s side. It’s a joke.

“I was the one with the black eye, but is she going to stand here and get done for what she did?”

Following the outburst, Yaxley left the courtroom, with security escorting him from the building.

He is due to appear in court for sentence on October 28.

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