Family left 'in limbo' after dog drowns in the Broads

Linda and Pete Langridge

Linda and Pete Langridge, from York, are hoping people can help them find the body of their dog who has drowned in the Broads. - Credit: Courtesy of Julie Scaum

A family on holiday in Norfolk has been left 'in limbo' after their dog drowned in the Broads - and they are now asking people to help them find the body.

The dog, a brown and white Staffordshire bull terrier, belonged to Linda and Pete Langridge, who are from York and are travelling with Ms Langridge's sister, Julie Scaum.

Ms Scaum, 57, described what happened on Saturday morning (April 23).

The relatives had moored up their two boats at Sutton Staithe and had taken the dog, named Tasha, for a walk, she said.

Boat on the Broads

The boat which Linda and Pete Langridge have been sailing on the Broads. - Credit: Courtesy of Julie Scaum

They were getting back on the boat when Mr Langridge, 72, slipped and the dog fell into the water.

"When he realised what had happened, the dog was swimming away from him," Ms Scaum said.

"And by the time we got to try get her out it was too late, she had already gone under, she was struggling."

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She said they tried to reverse the boat up but that dragged Tasha deeper under the water.

"Within minutes she had drowned. She came back to the top and we tried to get her out but we couldn't get to her and the current took her under again," she said.

Tasha, a Staffordhshire bull terrier

Tasha, a Staffordhshire bull terrier, drowned in the Broads at Sutton Staithe on April 23. - Credit: Courtesy of Julie Scaum

The family then called the Broads Authority (BA).

Ms Scaum said they sent out rangers on Saturday and were sending a boat out again on Sunday (April 24) to look for the dog.

"We're just hoping to get her back to lay her to rest," she said. "At the moment we're just left in limbo."

After Tasha disappeared under the water, the Langridges and Ms Scaum spent hours walking up and down the riverbank looking for her, but the rangers told them it "can take weeks for them to come back up", Ms Scaum said.

Man walking dog on a beach

Linda and Pete Langridge had been looking after Tasha, a rescue dog, for three years. - Credit: Courtesy of Julie Scaum

The dog is a brown and white Staffordshire bull terrier, about ten years old. She was a rescue dog and the Langridges had been looking after her for four years.

The relatives had arrived in the Broads on Friday (April 22) and are due to go back to York this Friday (April 29).

The Langridges have been holidaying in the Broads for 30 years and Ms Scaum, who has been coming for 12 years, said this was to be her last holiday in the area.

"A lot of people have contacted us saying they'll keep an eye out," she said.

If you see any sign of the dog, contact