Dog owner's warning after fish hook caught in puppy's leg

Tozi the dog and a stretch of Great Yarmouth beach

A dog, which was walking on Great Yarmouth beach, had a fishing hook stuck in its leg. - Credit: Ann Guyton / James Weeds

A puppy suffered a "nasty ordeal" after it ended up with a fishing hook embedded in its leg while out on a Great Yarmouth beach.

Tozi, an 11-month-old Xoloitzcuintle, yelped out in pain when the hook ended up in her leg, leading to her owner facing a vets bill of more than £500.

On Wednesday morning Ann Guyton was walking her two dogs by the shore behind the Pleasure Beach theme park. While Miss Guyton's Lurcher was having a dip in the sea, Tozi ran along the beach.

Tozi, the Xoloitzcuintle

Tozi, the 11-month-old Xoloitzcuintle. - Credit: Ann Guyton

Miss Guyton, 61, said she then heard the puppy yelp and returned to her frightened and in pain. Miss Guyton then realised a fishing hook had become embedded in Tozi's leg.

"She squealed," Miss Guyton said. "It was a nasty ordeal for her."

Tozi's leg with the hook embedded.

Tozi's owner was charged more than £500 by the vets to safely remove the fishing hook. - Credit: Ann Guyton

After taking Tozi to the vets, Miss Guyton was told the hook was dangerously close to the dog's femoral artery and it would require surgery to ensure there would be no further injury.

"It was really scary," Miss Guyton said. "Luckily, Tozi's on the mend and she was lucky the hook didn't pierce the artery.

"But I am angry that I've had to pay a bill of more than £500 just because one person didn't clean up after themselves."

The fish hook

This fish hook became embedded in Ann Guyton's dog's leg. It was so close to the puppy's femoral artery, the dog required surgery for its removal. - Credit: Ann Guyton

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Miss Guyton, who lives on the Barrack Estate, said she had been walking dogs along the beach since she was a schoolgirl.

"It's not every day I see hooks and fishing litter on the beach," she said. "And a lot of people are good at cleaning up after themselves.

"But I see it quite regularly, along with things like broken bottles, and I try to put them in the bin if I do.

"It's something that needs to be addressed though.

"We're always being told to clean up after our dogs, but I think everyone should be reminded that keeping the beach clean is something we all need to do."

Tozi's healing wound after a fish hook was embedded in her leg.

Tozi's healing wound after a fish hook was embedded in her leg. - Credit: Ann Guyton

The RSPCA's website describes the dangers of fishing litter, such as hooks, lines and weights. The charity says hooks can become embedded in animal's skin or swallowed which could cause internal blockages.

The RSPCA recommend people can do their bit by not leaving tackle unattended and storing tackle in a safe place such as a bait box, as well as safely disposing of all rubbish.

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